Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Are All Creationists Idiots?

Not all of them. But it is sometimes hard to believe that it is not so. A post dug up by The Uncredible Hallq comes to this conclusion:

I found it disappointing that every time a Christian or someone who trusts in the fact that the world was created or has an "intelligent design" (the new phrase that's going around), they seemed to be uneducated, silly fanatics who could be easily dismissed or argued away and made to be a fool by those who trust in Evolution.
Now, if you think this girl cannot be a creationist because of this insight (and if you just read the part quoted by Hallq there is no reason to think she is), you are wrong:
I know that there are scientists out there who trust firmly in Creation, and that, while it certainly has an element based on faith and can be interpreted differently than Evolution, that there is scientific evidence that supports Creation (I know there are several books that have even been written about it, ... I mean, I know that since Creation is true that perhaps the educated scientists or whatnot don't feel the need to defend it, but still, it would help other Christians such as me if we knew we had educational backing.
She just didn't find yet that there is no evidence at all for creationism, but there is hope. Not an idiot, just deluded. If she really does major for science, she will come to the right conclusion, in the meanwhile I recommend reading a few books by Carl Sagan or Stephen Jay Gould. Dawkins is probably good too, but may be to atheistic (not a problem for me, but probably for creationists). A few good links are also in Zetko's post I linked to above.


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