Monday, July 31, 2006

Atheist Googling

I didn't expect so many interesting links when I googled for 'atheists'.

The first link is about a very courageous Catholic going to an atheist meeting, and guess what, he survived. Well, my experience with such meetings (I went to one in, I think, Palo Alto). is that it was boring. A friend complained about the lack of women.

The third link is an experiment about how to convert to being an atheist. It's easy:

Here’s how to do it. Walk slowly into your bedroom, skip the kneeling by your bedside thing, and lay calmly down on your bed. Close your eyes and begin thinking about Santa Claus, remember to be perfectly silent. Now, compare Santa Claus to God and repeat three times, God and Santa are the same. Soon you will begin to hear jingle bells outside of your bedroom and you will see the red glowing nose of Rudolph. This is the first step to an atheist epiphany. Once you realize that God is actually Santa Claus, your belief in the mythical Armageddon will dissipate into the atmosphere; in other words, it will vaporize into the land of make believe.

Worth a try, I think. Anyway, I always though that telling kids the fairytale about Santa Claus is a good thing. It encourages them to find the truth, and not believe everything they are told. It certainly is a sense of achievement when they find out, and they may want to repeat that for any religion imposed on them.

The fourth link points to an interview with a christian scientist. Not very convincing:

A: Like many scientists, I was afflicted with the mind-set of reductionism: Anything worth understanding can be understood by using the tools of science and basic physical and mathematical principles. Also there was an aspect of plain arrogance; I had developed such a sense of being able to understand everything through my own intellect that it wasn't necessary to contemplate the fact that there might be mysteries beyond that. Those things together led me in my 20s to be a pretty obnoxious atheist.

So, if there are things you cannot find out, there must be a god? Well, we know that there are things we do not know. How, exactly do we then know it's god? Or whatever? We just do not know, and a god needs an awful lot of explanation. And, how is this arrogant? Isn't it much more arrogant to just have no reason, except faith, to believe in a god, moreover, a christian god with all the bells and whistles?

Okay, that's it for today. Oh, you ask for the second link? See yourself. No, I didn't know either.


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